Speaking Out.

It’s Disturbing to me that People do not seem to appreciate Our Democracy. In The Current Health Care Debate for example; If A voter Has Any Doubts or Questions At All, They Are Shouted Down, Or Marginilized. I’m Personally Against Obama’s Plan, I’m Not a Whack Job,At least I don’t believe I am, But You would not Know that by listening to The Pro Obama Apologist. It’s Patently dangerous to Shout down any honest debate, Particularly On Something This Important. In My Mind The More Argument And Discussion The Better. It’s better to get all the Ramiffications Discussed now, When The Bill Is Passed, It’s too late.



Zero Tolerance

It Just Seems to me That Rules Without Reason Make No Sense At All, And They Can Be Dangerous. This Came to Mind When I read about the First Grader Who was Suspended from School For bringing a camping utensil to School. The Suspension would have made sense if the tool was a Bowie Knife. Blind Verdicts In A CourtRoom Are Wrong, Blindly Enforcing Rules in a ClassRoom Are wrong as well,