Weirdness at work.

I work as a Security Guard, as you can imagine this is usually an un-demanding job,it does have its moments though.I work several sites,but my primary post are two Bus stations.This afternoon, a guy in a dress,women’s platform shoes and a wig,passed out on a bench.I tried to wake the guy/gal up, to no avail. Drunk/stoned people are not allowed to crash on the benches.I called the St.Petersburg Police department, I described the guy, including the color of his dress.The Dispatcher had to confirm what I said.I new he was a guy because his wig came off. An ambulance was dispatched because I said he was passed out, he refused treatment.He acted like an ass in front of the cop, very belligerent and obnoxious. I had him trespassed, the Cop arrested him.If he would have just been nice, he could have walked away.


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