I wish I could thank my parents.

My Parents are gone,I miss them and think of them every day.I wish they were still around so I can thank them.I work in an enviroment where I see the consequences of little or no moral values at all.It is not pretty to see.I rebelled quit a bit as a Teenager,If I am a decent Human being at all,it is because some of my Parent’s teachings stuck.If I am flawed at all,which I certainly am, It is the result of my own decisions.I just wish they were still around so I can tell them that.


Another Drunk Tale.

This Guy was very drunk.He was with his very drunk friends.His friends said they would look after him,they lied.They went off and left him on a bench.The drunk Asshole then proceeds to loudly curse at me,because I would not let him on a Bus.I called the Cops,He was taken into custody under The Marchman Act,And tresspassed as well.