More fun at work.

It was a pretty cool week at work.The Bus terminal has a problem with people wanting to hang around and make the place a Home.Security does what it can to get rid of these people.Thursday one of these Guys,Stumbled onto the property,I watched him fall down several times as he crossed the street and went into the public Men’s room.He was in the Men’s room stall approx. 20 minutes,while he chugged a pint of vodka.He came out of the restroom and past out on the platform.I called the Clearwater Police and had him trespassed.Toward the end of the shift,He came back, called 911,hung up,then headed toward the Police station.
A few months ago, I trespassed this Guy, he was very drunk ,Belligerent and obnoxious. Last night, he was on site waiting for a bus. I called Police and had him arrested. All in all,it was a satisfying week.