Where does creativity come from? I am amazed by Writers like Stephen King, who can consistently produce quality work year after year, when an aspiring writer like myself, can’t even get a concept of an idea on paper. I have had different ideas for manuscripts, most of them I discarded. One reason I started this blog, was that I wanted to practice writing. The only way to learn is to practice. Blogging several times a week seems like a good way to practice. Hopefully, while Blogging, I can find a story to write. If nothing else,My typing skills should improve.



One thought on “Creativity

  1. That’s the exact same reason I started my blog. I also tend to be a slow writer (trouble getting inspired? yes), so hopefully training myself to writing a few times a week no matter what will help with that. I think Stephen King and James Patterson and all of those speedy writers have monkeys that do it for them. Seriously. ;P


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