I was nine or ten years old when I was diagnosed with Dyslexia. I spent years in Special Education; My reading and writing were   exactly backwards. My Parents would hold my school work up to a mirror so they could read what I wrote. Enlightened Doctors and Social Workers told my Parents that I would never amount to anything; at most I might be in a group Home somewhere, and I would never be a real productive person. I worked very hard and I had a lot of good support from my Siblings and Parents. I did learn to read and write, My handwriting still sucks, but people can sort of read it. I never did learn math though. I have a High School Diploma and three years of college. I think I have done a little better than a group home or an assisted living center. dyslexics are not slow or stupid, they can learn, A good support system and consistent instruction I think are key. The most important things the Dyslexic can do is work hard and never lose faith in himself and the abilities he has.


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