Hope and change really sucks.

I want to thank the People that Re-Elected our President. I really appreciate the extra money taken out of my paycheck that was too small to begin with. I am making more per hour than I was this time last year,but am taking less home. I also have to drive to another City to work, Fifty to Sixty Dollars a week in gas. I work as a Security Guard, I never bring  home a lot, now I bring home less.

The Democratic Party is supposed to be for the working man,  How is forcing me to seek public assistance helping me?  I barely have money to meet basic needs. I have not been to a movie in years, I have no extra money for anything, If the Politicians want to help, Maybe they should get out of the way of Business,and Let me worry about my Health care.


Politicians Suck

You and I have to live within a Budget. If you or I go over Budget, We have to make Sacrifices, hard choices to to reign  in our Finances.

The Morons in Washington can’t figure this out. The fact that Congress has not passed a Budget in years is outrageous, The us against them attitude of these people has created such a toxic atmosphere, it’s all about embarrassing the other Party, What’s good for the Country is secondary. Poll after poll shows that People are tired of this crap, We want our Leaders to work together and get things done, But they refuse to do it. They should start with this baseline, Spending more than you take in is bad, We must make cuts. Taxing people too much during a Recession is counter productive. I have a High School Education and a few years of College and I can figure this out,and they can’t? People should get a spine and do what’s right.