Looking for Story.

Until recently, I work as a Security Guard at a Transit Authority Bus Terminal. At the time, I thought there was rich material for a novel there, I was wrong. I would bring a notebook to work, taking notes on the madness and stupidity that I witnessed; I had  worked on this for over a year. If there was  a Story, I don’t yet have the experience or talent to make a Story out of it. I still have the need, Bordering on obsession to write something. I have a Nebulus idea that I’m working on,  If the past is any indication, it will be years before I get a first draft written. There is a lot to writing a Novel; right now, I am trying to figure out what themes I want to explore; And I’m trying to find a basic plot. I work the Midnight shift, I’m alone all night, I certainly have the time and solitude to get something done. It is just so hard.


Just a Wannabe

I thought I had a good idea and concept for a novel,or at least a good story, I was wrong. I have spent over a year working on the story only to come to the conclusion that I was spinning my wheels. I’m not discouraged, in a weird way it’s freeing. I just need to find a concept and idea that resonates with me, easier said than done. The process has certainly increased my already high esteem for writers of all types. Putting myself out there is not easy at all. I have a fairly active imagination, It is just so hard to get ideas out of my brain and into my laptop. I’m not prepared to give up.