Looking for Story.

Until recently, I work as a Security Guard at a Transit Authority Bus Terminal. At the time, I thought there was rich material for a novel there, I was wrong. I would bring a notebook to work, taking notes on the madness and stupidity that I witnessed; I had  worked on this for over a year. If there was  a Story, I don’t yet have the experience or talent to make a Story out of it. I still have the need, Bordering on obsession to write something. I have a Nebulus idea that I’m working on,  If the past is any indication, it will be years before I get a first draft written. There is a lot to writing a Novel; right now, I am trying to figure out what themes I want to explore; And I’m trying to find a basic plot. I work the Midnight shift, I’m alone all night, I certainly have the time and solitude to get something done. It is just so hard.


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