It finally happened

At the Homeless Shelter, you have to wait, you wait in line to eat,and you wait in line to get a bed. If you are mentally Stable when you get here, if you stay here long enough, that Stability slowly slips away. I was waiting for a Bed with everyone else in the Chapel waiting area, this is an overflow area where you go when all the chairs in the waiting area are full. A guy comes thru the area, Woofing loudly like He’s a Damned Rottweiler or something. He Goes outside, I guess He barked at the wrong Person. The Guy got Stabbed. Cops and Local News Crews were here.

The Knee-jerk reaction of Security was to close off the over-flow area, crowding all of us into the waiting area. If the Fire Marshal saw how packed we were, He would have lost his mind. Fist-fights nearly broke out.  Needless to say, After Standing in a Sardine Can for two hours, I was ready to sleep, Unfortunately, Sleeping right away in a Homeless Shelter is Bad Form. Everyone has to laugh, Scream and raise Hell. Most of us have been around each other for hours, but some people have to wait till Bed-time to Socialize and raise Hell. I finally get to sleep, only to wake up to answer the call of nature, I get back to sleep, when they turn on the lights and kick us all out at 5:30 in the Morning.Fun Times!


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