Stupidity at the homeless Shelter

The other night, while we were waiting for our Bed Assignments, a Black man walks past a white Man, They both laugh, Shake hands, pat each other on the back, the white Man laughs and says,” Hey Ni–er, how have you been?” The Black Man answers him, they laugh and talk for several minutes, then the Black Man walks away. A few Minutes later, another Black Guy approaches the white Guy who said the N-word, Angrily confronts Him for saying that word. The White Guy manages to Diffuse the situation, there was a moment where I thought I was going to witness a Murder.

Most People know not to use that particular word, It can be confusing for some White Folks though. We here it all the time at the Shelter, Black Folks Calling each other the N-word. In my opinion, it is a Horrible, De-humanizing word that should not be used by anyone.  Especially with what is going on now in Missouri and elsewhere.

I just wish we could learn to love and respect each other as Humans, and get over all the Hatred.


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