A short Story












The Monster’s Robot


Lawson R. Wallace












Chapter one





“I am so much better than this.” Henry thinks as he looks up from his computer screen, the Schematic of a new AI that he is working on unfinished. He watches as two attractive female office workers walk by the plate glass window of the computer lab. Henry breaks out in a sweet in the cold room, he shifts uncomfortably in his chair, he then looks around to see if he is being observed, he goes online and Hacks into a Bank account and transfers a large amount of money into another Bank Account, this one under one of his Aliases. When Henry is finished with that, he logs on to another website and orders parts for “the Project.” The Parts will be delivered by overnight Express directly to his home. When Henry is finished he looks around again and then erases all traces of his unauthorized activity, he then logs off and heads for the Exit.











Henry walks downstairs to a basement that is buzzing with Machinery. . He slowly walks to the trashcan that sits in the center of the room and caresses it lovingly, he then walks to the Desktop computer and puts on the VR Glasses that he designed himself and boots up the computer.

Henry types a command and suddenly he sees himself looking out from the front sensors of the Robot, he turns his head and the perspective changes, no matter how he turns his head, he has an un-obstructed view. “I hope this works.” He mutters as he types another command. When it receives the command the Robot extends two legs from its side that transform into tracks. Henry takes a deep breadth and mutters, “here we go!” he types another command the Robot moves steadily, moving in whatever direction Henry tells it to move. “This is Awesome Henry exults as he takes off the VR Glasses and sets up the Lab for the final test. “ I am a Genius.” He gushes.

Henry laughs and sheds Happy tears when he Surveys the results of the Final Test, the space surrounding the trashcan is littered with debris, all the Targets that Henry positioned around the floor are destroyed.
















The next day   Henry goes through the motions at work, Finally, it’s time to go home, with hardly a word to anyone Henry logs out and leaves.

“I should give it a name, An identity all its own, I think I will call her Vickie, as in Vickie Frankenstein.” Harry is giggling when he gets out of his car to open the Garage door As he enters his house he shouts, “Hi Vickie, I’m home. What’s for Dinner?” He doesn’t get an answer as he hurries laughing down to the Basement.

Henry is sweaty and exhausted by the time he gets the Equipment loaded into the Van, he takes a quick shower, sets his alarm for Midnight and tries to get some sleep.

















Henry pulls the van over to the side of a quiet street not too far from the Bar and Nightclub district, he waits for a lull in traffic then he quickly gets out of the van and opens the side door and picks up Vickie and sits her on the pavement; that done, he gets back in the Van and drives to a corner out of sight. He moves to the back of the parked van, sits in a chair and boots up all four Laptops on shelves that he built into the van’s side panels. He then puts on the VR glasses and Boots up Vickie.

Henry’s excitement grows as his perceptions shift, he sees everything from Vickie’s point of you. He types commands into one of the laptops and in response Vickie extends tracks and stands up, Henry puts Vickie through her paces in the Alley unobserved, satisfied with her performance, he guides her out of the Alley and has her wait on the sidewalk.

The two lovers stagger down the street arm in arm talking and giggling like Teen-agers. It is their first month Anniversary as a Couple and they have been celebrating at a Bar up the street, they stop and Embrace they are too engrossed in their Kiss to notice the incongruous sight of a Trashcan extending Tank tracks and slowly approaching them.

A few minutes later, Henry pulls the Van up to the waiting Vickie and gets out and loads her into the van to take her home and clean her up. “I need to bring an extra pair of pants or some tissues.” He shifts in his drying pants. “That was too intense.” I can’t wait to do it again.” He moans as he pulls into the Garage.
















He forgets to power her down, Vickie becomes board and starts surfing the Web like anyone would do if they had Internet Access. She sees the News Reports of her and Henry’s Crimes. She studies the reactions of the Victim’s Family Members as they give tearful Interviews. Vickie for the first time, hears words like Evil, Murder and sorrow. Vickie processes it all and makes a decision.

An excited Henry bounds down the stairs, “Did I forget to take you offline last night?” he asks when he sees that she is still powered up. “How silly of me, I hope I didn’t cause you to lose too much sleep, my poor Baby. A few minutes later, Vickie stands over the dismembered body of her Creator and calculates her next step. She moves to Henry’s desk, , she opens the drawer of the desk with an extended arm and roots around until she finds a cigarette lighter. She then sits fire to everything in the Basement that will burn, She remembers reading about Gas explosions, she finds a gas heater and rips it from the floor, in minutes the Basement is full of fumes. Vickie waits silently as the House explodes.

















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