THEY SAT OUTSIDE EATING CAKE BY LAWSON R WALLACE   CHAPTER ONE As the Middle-aged couple sit on the porch enjoying the Beautiful Spring evening, Mildred turns to her Husband of Twenty years and asks, “ Harold Dear, would you like some cake?” Harold forces down the sudden nausea and with a smile that doesn’t reach his eyes, looks at his Wife and croons, “Why sure Baby, I would Love to have a slice of cake.” “I’ll be right back Honey,” Mildred gets up to head to the Kitchen. While Harold waits for her to come back, he quickly gets his cellphone out of his pants pocket and sends a quick text, when the answer comes back, he starts plotting how he can get away for a few hours, He has a Ruse set up by the time Mildred gets back with the lump of crap she calls cake. Mildred come outside and hands Harold a small plate with a slice of German Chocolate cake and Thank God. a glass of milk to wash it down with. As Mildred sits next to her Husband and eats her slice of cake, She remembers with sadness how much they once loved each other and she wonders what happened, where did it go wrong? She watches closely as her husband drinks his milk, then she decides to just ask, “Harold, What happened to us? We used to Love each other so much, I still love you, Can you ever love me again?” Harold looks his Wife up and down, the Cellulite and blobby fat, the gray hair and wrinkles and false teeth. He inwardly shudders as he answers, “ I will always Love you Baby, what makes you think that I don’t love you? “ Mildred ignores the question. ‘ I Loved you since I first saw you in our Freshman English Class, You are the only Man that I have ever wanted.” Harold looks his Wife in the eyes and swears, “ I Love you with all my Heart Mildred.” They finish their cake in silence then go back into the house to escape the mosquitos. CHAPTER TWO An hour later Harold’s cellphone rings. He listens for several minutes then he curtly replies, “ I will be right there, don’t touch anything.” As he hangs up and heads toward the door, Mildred asks, “What’s up?” “The Computers have all crashed, looks like a virus has gotten into the Network. They need help getting everything Reloaded or else the Day Shift will have no work in the morning. I might not be home until very late.” “Well, I hope you get it fixed faster than you did last week, it would be nice if you are Home before midnight.” Mildred replies resignedly. “I will do my Best Baby,” Harold assures her as he shuts the door behind him. Her Resume looked good, and she looked even better, long blonde hair and blue eyes and breast about to burst from her shirt. Two weeks after Harold hires her, he calls her into his Office. “Cindy, it’s just not working out, You just don’t have the Skills for the Job.” Cindy sticks her chest out a little more and slowly crosses and uncrosses her legs and purrs, “ I will do anything to keep this Job, Mister Jones, anything at all.” She smiles at the chubby balding man behind the desk and watches in amused silence as his brain stops functioning as his thinking is hijacked by another part of his Anatomy. “ Meet me at the Motel around the Corner after work.” He demands, bring Condoms.” “I’ll be there, she coyly answers as she languidly gets out of the chair and slowly heads back to work.   CHAPTER THREE Mildred isn’t stupid. Harold comes home freshly showered with scratch marks on his back and in an unusually good mood. One night, she heads to His Company Office to see for sure what is going on. She isn’t surprised when his car isn’t in the Parking lot, on a hunch she drives to the Motel around the corner and sees her Husband’s car. She parks and waits. She watches as her husband and a blonde Bimbo that looks young enough to be his Daughter, walk out of t