Felix’s Wild Ride












Felix’s wild ride

















Felix tries to ignore the doorbell and his wife’s screaming as he hurriedly gets Dinner prepared. “Felix”, his wife screams from the couch, “ I’m so hungry, where is my Dinner?” Will you answer the fucking door, before I get up and beat your ass, Please!” Felix chokes down the laugh, at over five hundred pounds, and climbing , his lovely Wife can’t do anything on her own. Felix quickly loads a plate and carries it to her waiting Maw, then he runs to answer the door.

The Doorbell rings incessantly, interrupted by a fist beating on the door, “ I’m coming, I’m coming,” Felix screams as he struggles with the deadbolt and chains, He throws the door open and stares, stunned by the erection that suddenly appears. “ Hello Felix.” She purrs seductively. Standing in the doorway is a six foot tall redhead with an hour glass figure. She is wearing a black Spandex jumpsuit that is so tight that it leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination. She is Beautiful, so beautiful that Felix’s mind just stops, and Hormones take over. “ How can I help you?” he Stammers, and how do you know my name?” “ I know a lot about you Felix, I’m hear to help you, I want to take you away, fulfill your wildest fantasies and make you very happy; but first, you have to pay the price.” Felix starts to sweat as the Woman slowly unzips the jumpsuit exposing her ample cleavage. Somehow a large revolver appears in her other hand.










“What price? And what are you doing with that gun?” Felix stutters nervously. The Woman licks her lips slowly and whispers, “ You know you want to do it Felix, you hate her, don’t you? Felix vigorously shakes his head in denial. “ I Love my Wife, I could never hurt her.” Before Felix can say anything else, his Wife Screams, “ Felix, goddamnit, I’m hungry, you better get this plate and bring me another plateful of that crap you served me, don’t make me get up and beat your Ass, you Pussy.” Felix cringes as the Redhead laughs, “a Marriage made in Heaven; look Felix, I am offering you freedom and pleasures that you secretly have fantasized about your whole Life’ but, you have to take the first step. Just hold the gun tightly in both hands and walk up to that screaming fat Bitch and put two or three rounds in her Face, I promise that you won’t regret it.” The redhead hands the gun to Felix and scolds, “come on Felix, grow a pair, be a man for once in your life.” Felix grabs the gun in both hands and stands there, “ I can’t, I will die in Prison, murder is wrong.” The Redhead shakes her head, “ we have plans for you, you won’t die in Prison, trust me, just kill her and get in the car. The Redhead unzips the Jumpsuit a little more, Felix’s eyes are again drawn to the exposed cleavage, “Felix.” His Wife screams again, “ I will fuck you up if you don’t get that plateful of food I here now, you Lazy piece of Shit.”




“Come on, Felix,” the Redhead whispers. “I will let you do things She never would let you do, I can get as kinky as you want me too be, I will deny you nothing, just kill her and get in the car.” Felix cringes at the sound of something breaking in the Living Room, his Wife is breaking things and screaming in Rage. Larry looks at the Redhead and pictures all the things he can too her, he looks behind her at the Rolls Royce she came in, Chauffer silently waiting by the backdoor, He walks into the living Room to his screaming Wife, hands shaking, he raises the gun and puts two rounds in her face. The House rings with the echo of the gunshots as Felix looks at the gore on the wall with morbid fascination. He drops the gun on the floor, then as if in a trance, he slowly follows the Redhead to the Rolls.












As Felix and the Redhead settle in their seats, the Redhead hands him a glass of champagne and whispers, “ drink this and lean back Baby, she unzips his fly and bends over, a few minutes later, a panting Felix gasps, “ What do you want me too do now?” Silently, the redhead pulls a think leather Book and a large knife, impossibly fast, she grabs Felix’s wrist and slices it open, she thin pulls out a feather pen and sticks the end in the gushing Blood, “Sign the Book, and all your Dreams will come true.” Felix can’t think straight, all he can think about is her hand stroking him. He takes the pen and signs.

She looks at the Signature in satisfaction, the closes the book and takes the pen from Felix, then she tells him to take off his clothes. “in the car? What about the driver?” he asks, before she answers, the Redhead unzips the jumpsuit and peels it off, Felix has never stripped naked so fast in his life, minutes later, nothing else matters to Felix as the pleasure mounts, his eyes close in ecstasy, he opens them and screams as the pleasure turns to pain as the Succubus slowly drains the spirit from his body, when she is sated, she un-straddles the dead man and sighs in contentment as his body turns to dust.

“That was fun, Master, I’m ready for more.” Without turning around, the driver nods and replies. Our next Passenger likes Effeminate men.” With just a thought, the succubus transforms into a lisping, limp wristed Gay Man. Driver and Passenger laugh as the head to their next Victim.