Tales of the socially Inept.

It’s sad really, I have no clue when it comes to dating. I work strange hours, I’m very shy until I get to know someone. I seldom leave my house; I never date, well-meaning friends want to hook me up, With sometimes embarrassing consequences. This Co-Worker wanted to set me up with a friend of his wife. I talked to the Lady a few times on the phone, things seemed to be slowly progressing. My Friend got really excited about the whole thing, He pressured me into meeting the woman, to get Him of my back,I agreed to a blind Date. The four of us, Thom and his soon to be ex-wife, myself and the poor victim. I had a pounding migraine/ Sinus headache, exacerbated by nerves, thing were going o.k until it was time to pay, it was a Buffet, you paid before you ate. It never entered my mind that I was supposed to pay for Her Meal as well. I was too miserable to think of much of anything. After a painfully uncomfortable Dinner, I managed to get out of there somehow. I sent her an email apologizing, She said “it’s best we go are separate ways.” I never heard from her again. I guess some people don’t change that much from when they were in High School.