grateful for small things

I am staying at a Homeless Shelter in Minnesota. I have a light Jacket, and that is it. Last night a Woman came to the Shelter, giving away Knitted scarves and caps. I now have covering for my neck and ears, you won’t believe how these two simple things have improved my outlook. All I need now is an army Surplus Parka, then maybe I will survive this winter.


Life in a Homeless Shelter

as a result of circumstances and bad Decisions, I have been living at a Salvation Army Shelter in Minnesota, since Halloween.  It has been interesting to say the least.

The first thing I learned, and this is hard for me, is to not look at anyone, I was staring into space one evening, my mind a million miles away, when this Guy exploded, accusing me of staring at Him, I wasn’t staring or looking at anyone. I am by nature a curious Person, in a Homeless Shelter, being Curious will get you hurt or killed. I have learned to avoid eye contact, I keep my head down, I try my best to be invisible. I have also learned how to sleep in a Barracks like environment, the Bunks are close together, there is no escaping the Farts, body orders and bad dreams of the other Men sleeping near me.

The only positive I have found, I am getting all sorts of material for my Novel, I just hope I live long enough to get the book Finished.

An Update

The Stroke was months ago. I am driving and working again. I am only working part-time, this is not due to any effects of the stroke, it is due too no  hours available.  My uncle, A man who had my back for twenty years, passed away while I was recovering. I lost my job, found another  one. Hopefully, A full-time opening will turn up. About two months ago, I was driving home from work, I must have dozed off, I ran a stop sign, without realizing it, I was t-boned, my Jeep was wrapped around a light pole, light pole went through a window of a Business. I spent the night in the Hospital because the Paramedics thought I was having a Heart attack. I was not having a Heart attack. My Novel was going well, until I was struck by incurable writer’s Block. Somehow, I am hanging in there, me and my cats, I do get tired of the struggle though. Being an Adult can be fun and rewarding, but most of the time it sucks.



In a few weeks I will be fifty-one years old. After losing the job I had for six years and being on unemployment for a month,I decided to go back to school.No sooner did I get registered, I got rehired by My old company. I have set some goals,Get out of the Trailer Park, Have a job I can be proud of,And a few others. The best way I think,To achieve these goals,Is to get an education.I’m a little scared,And more than a little excited.


Change Is Coming.

I Have Worked At my Current Job For Several Years, Five Or Six, I Lose Track. I Recently Found Out That As Of October 1, I’m Going To Be Out Of A Job. I Work As A Security Guard, Normally These Jobs Are Easy To Find. I Just Can’t Get Motivated To Look. I Decided That If I Blog About It, Maybe I Could Encourage Myself. I Just Hate The Looking And Interviewing, I Have Been Through This Before, I Will Get Through It Again