The Stroke.

Two weeks ago, I was getting ready to go to work, I worked as a Security Guard at an empty cigar Factory. I was putting on my socks and shoes when I got extremely Dizzy. The Nausea and Dizziness was so bad,I called off from work, I never call off. The Nausea and Vertigo were  so bad, I dry heaved and threw up all night. The next day, I went to a walk in clinic, The Blood pressure was so high, They called Paramedics to take me to the Hospital. I was in Hospital for a week. I have not been cleared to drive, I am supposed to use a Walker, I refuse to use it. It is extremely frustrating, As strokes go,this was a mild one. I just get tired easily, and I am Dizzy all the time.

The next step,is to get on Medicaid, I just want to get well enough to go back to work.