Boys and bones













Boys and Bones



















Chad takes a big hit of the pipe, he inhales and holds his breath, coughs then wheezes, “Hey Warren, lets trade.” Warren nods and takes a swig from the Bottle of Tequila and passes it to Chad as Chad passes the pipe, Warren takes a hit, thinks for a minute then asks, “ Dude, do you ever have really sick fantasies?” Chad looks at his friend warily and wonders. “ what kind of fantasies? If you try anything Perverted with me, I will hurt you.”

Chad shakes his head as he sucks on the pipe. “ not that kind of fantasy, not with you anyway. I’m talking about something really debouched, something that would get us locked up.” Chad laughs at that, “Warren, our Parents are Rich and we are still juveniles, What’s the worst that can happen?” Chad laughs, “ It’s cool isn’t it? Rules just don’t apply to us.” What kind of sick Fantasy do you want to act out anyway?” Chad is at first horrified, but the more he pictures what Warren is describing the more aroused he becomes. The two friends talk until they are sober, then they crash so they can get an early start in the morning.








They scout out Locations and buy supplies and as they are driving to Warren’s Estate where he lives with his Parents, Chad asks, “ What’s the next step? We need to come up with a way to get people there, but not too many People, we have to control the situation.” Warren nods in agreement then replies, “ There’s the Drive-in burger place where the Greasers and Redneck Kids hang out.” Chad nods with enthusiasm and replies. “ Yeah, they will get a rush from drinking some Rich Kid’s booze and Smoking Rich Kid’s dope.” “ Warren laughs and sneers,” yeah, it sucks too be them.” They both laugh and get in their cars and head to the drive-in.

A few hours later Warren and Chad are Hosting a Party in the Woods, Four Teen-aged girls and three Teen-aged boys are dancing drunkenly around a bonfire when Warren quietly sneaks away to set up the digital Camcorder. “Chad will Freak, I don’t care, I want us to be Famous, this will go Viral in no time.”













The Video was taken down within hours after Warren Posted it, only to pop up again, it was up long enough for Arrest Warrants to get filed for the Quadruple Murders of the hapless Teen-agers that went to the Party in the woods. Warren and Chad’s Parents Retained the best criminal Law Firms in town and hired the best Psychiatrists, After a lengthy Trial that divided the Community along Socio-Economic lines, The Two Boys were declared Insane and sent to an Asylum For Juveniles, where they stayed until they were in their mid-twenties.

Their Parent’s quietly sold their Condos and moved away, the clearing in the woods became a Taboo place that was said to be Haunted, no one ever set foot there until Warren and Chad returned.









They were forbidden by the Courts from ever seeing or communicating with each other ever again, The Judges and their Lawyers made sure that they understood, at their Hearings both young Men were Humble and differential to the judge that heard their Appeals and they showed remorse to the victims of the Families. They Followed the Script written by their attorneys flawlessly. They both smiled and hugged their Parents when they were granted probation.

Ten People sat Grimly watching the News Conference on T.V. They didn’t know each other before their Children were murdered, but since the Murders they have become a tight knit group of friends. As the News Conference ends, one of the men whispers, “I’m going to get sick.” His wife of forty years sobs next to him. “It’s so unfair, where is the justice for us? Or our Children?” The ten Parents talk for hours of the Injustice and the arrogance of the Killers of their Children. “This isn’t the end.” The Father of one of the Victims blurts out. “There will be payback.” “But Honey, they aren’t worth you going to Prison over.” “we can’t afford a Rich Lawyer.” “ I can do it, Doctors don’t give me long anyway,” A pale, tired looking man offers, his Wife chokes back a sob and clutches his hand.

The ten of them talk for hours more and agree to what has to be done.









They work as a Team, Warren and Chad are shadowed, followed everywhere they go. It is easy to follow them because of their Entourage, groupies, Wannabe Satanist and just sad, messed up people want to hang with them. Early that Evening, both young Men return to their Homes at the Court Mandated time, The surveillance continues as they slept.

Chad quietly walks down the stairs and enters his Dad’s Office and boots up the computer and emails Warren. “Lets meet at the Cemetery, I have this Fantasy that I want to act out.” A few minutes Later, Chad responds. “I have been fantasizing too. I want to do it again, when we meet, lets form a plan.” They work out how to stay a step ahead of their Probation Officers and Parents and set a time to meet the next night.

The Old Man follows them at a discrete distance at sits in his car and watches in shocked disbelief as the two Killers enter the cemetery where their victims are Buried, carrying shovels. He quietly reaches for the glove box and removes the handgun and checks to see if it is loaded. The Old Man then quietly gets out and heads to his Son’s grave.

He overhears them whispering excitedly about what they are going too do with the bones of their victims, he shakes angrily as he aims the gun so he uses both hands to steady his aim and fires two shots.



A short Story












The Monster’s Robot


Lawson R. Wallace












Chapter one





“I am so much better than this.” Henry thinks as he looks up from his computer screen, the Schematic of a new AI that he is working on unfinished. He watches as two attractive female office workers walk by the plate glass window of the computer lab. Henry breaks out in a sweet in the cold room, he shifts uncomfortably in his chair, he then looks around to see if he is being observed, he goes online and Hacks into a Bank account and transfers a large amount of money into another Bank Account, this one under one of his Aliases. When Henry is finished with that, he logs on to another website and orders parts for “the Project.” The Parts will be delivered by overnight Express directly to his home. When Henry is finished he looks around again and then erases all traces of his unauthorized activity, he then logs off and heads for the Exit.











Henry walks downstairs to a basement that is buzzing with Machinery. . He slowly walks to the trashcan that sits in the center of the room and caresses it lovingly, he then walks to the Desktop computer and puts on the VR Glasses that he designed himself and boots up the computer.

Henry types a command and suddenly he sees himself looking out from the front sensors of the Robot, he turns his head and the perspective changes, no matter how he turns his head, he has an un-obstructed view. “I hope this works.” He mutters as he types another command. When it receives the command the Robot extends two legs from its side that transform into tracks. Henry takes a deep breadth and mutters, “here we go!” he types another command the Robot moves steadily, moving in whatever direction Henry tells it to move. “This is Awesome Henry exults as he takes off the VR Glasses and sets up the Lab for the final test. “ I am a Genius.” He gushes.

Henry laughs and sheds Happy tears when he Surveys the results of the Final Test, the space surrounding the trashcan is littered with debris, all the Targets that Henry positioned around the floor are destroyed.
















The next day   Henry goes through the motions at work, Finally, it’s time to go home, with hardly a word to anyone Henry logs out and leaves.

“I should give it a name, An identity all its own, I think I will call her Vickie, as in Vickie Frankenstein.” Harry is giggling when he gets out of his car to open the Garage door As he enters his house he shouts, “Hi Vickie, I’m home. What’s for Dinner?” He doesn’t get an answer as he hurries laughing down to the Basement.

Henry is sweaty and exhausted by the time he gets the Equipment loaded into the Van, he takes a quick shower, sets his alarm for Midnight and tries to get some sleep.

















Henry pulls the van over to the side of a quiet street not too far from the Bar and Nightclub district, he waits for a lull in traffic then he quickly gets out of the van and opens the side door and picks up Vickie and sits her on the pavement; that done, he gets back in the Van and drives to a corner out of sight. He moves to the back of the parked van, sits in a chair and boots up all four Laptops on shelves that he built into the van’s side panels. He then puts on the VR glasses and Boots up Vickie.

Henry’s excitement grows as his perceptions shift, he sees everything from Vickie’s point of you. He types commands into one of the laptops and in response Vickie extends tracks and stands up, Henry puts Vickie through her paces in the Alley unobserved, satisfied with her performance, he guides her out of the Alley and has her wait on the sidewalk.

The two lovers stagger down the street arm in arm talking and giggling like Teen-agers. It is their first month Anniversary as a Couple and they have been celebrating at a Bar up the street, they stop and Embrace they are too engrossed in their Kiss to notice the incongruous sight of a Trashcan extending Tank tracks and slowly approaching them.

A few minutes later, Henry pulls the Van up to the waiting Vickie and gets out and loads her into the van to take her home and clean her up. “I need to bring an extra pair of pants or some tissues.” He shifts in his drying pants. “That was too intense.” I can’t wait to do it again.” He moans as he pulls into the Garage.
















He forgets to power her down, Vickie becomes board and starts surfing the Web like anyone would do if they had Internet Access. She sees the News Reports of her and Henry’s Crimes. She studies the reactions of the Victim’s Family Members as they give tearful Interviews. Vickie for the first time, hears words like Evil, Murder and sorrow. Vickie processes it all and makes a decision.

An excited Henry bounds down the stairs, “Did I forget to take you offline last night?” he asks when he sees that she is still powered up. “How silly of me, I hope I didn’t cause you to lose too much sleep, my poor Baby. A few minutes later, Vickie stands over the dismembered body of her Creator and calculates her next step. She moves to Henry’s desk, , she opens the drawer of the desk with an extended arm and roots around until she finds a cigarette lighter. She then sits fire to everything in the Basement that will burn, She remembers reading about Gas explosions, she finds a gas heater and rips it from the floor, in minutes the Basement is full of fumes. Vickie waits silently as the House explodes.
















Stupidity at the homeless Shelter

The other night, while we were waiting for our Bed Assignments, a Black man walks past a white Man, They both laugh, Shake hands, pat each other on the back, the white Man laughs and says,” Hey Ni–er, how have you been?” The Black Man answers him, they laugh and talk for several minutes, then the Black Man walks away. A few Minutes later, another Black Guy approaches the white Guy who said the N-word, Angrily confronts Him for saying that word. The White Guy manages to Diffuse the situation, there was a moment where I thought I was going to witness a Murder.

Most People know not to use that particular word, It can be confusing for some White Folks though. We here it all the time at the Shelter, Black Folks Calling each other the N-word. In my opinion, it is a Horrible, De-humanizing word that should not be used by anyone.  Especially with what is going on now in Missouri and elsewhere.

I just wish we could learn to love and respect each other as Humans, and get over all the Hatred.

Blood at the homeless Shelter

There are two Public restrooms at the Shelter. In Safe bay, where we sleep, There are more toilets and two shower stalls. Safety is closed until it is time to assign beds so we can go to bed. Somebody got hurt somehow in the public restroom last night. One of the Urinals and the Floor around it was covered in Blood. Security locked the Restroom, would not let anyone use the Toilets in Safe Bay.

Living at a Shelter is a lot like living in Jail, almost every aspect of your life is controlled by someone else. You are assigned a Bunk, you have a certain time that you are allowed to eat. I wouldn’t recommend this Life to anyone


It finally happened

At the Homeless Shelter, you have to wait, you wait in line to eat,and you wait in line to get a bed. If you are mentally Stable when you get here, if you stay here long enough, that Stability slowly slips away. I was waiting for a Bed with everyone else in the Chapel waiting area, this is an overflow area where you go when all the chairs in the waiting area are full. A guy comes thru the area, Woofing loudly like He’s a Damned Rottweiler or something. He Goes outside, I guess He barked at the wrong Person. The Guy got Stabbed. Cops and Local News Crews were here.

The Knee-jerk reaction of Security was to close off the over-flow area, crowding all of us into the waiting area. If the Fire Marshal saw how packed we were, He would have lost his mind. Fist-fights nearly broke out.  Needless to say, After Standing in a Sardine Can for two hours, I was ready to sleep, Unfortunately, Sleeping right away in a Homeless Shelter is Bad Form. Everyone has to laugh, Scream and raise Hell. Most of us have been around each other for hours, but some people have to wait till Bed-time to Socialize and raise Hell. I finally get to sleep, only to wake up to answer the call of nature, I get back to sleep, when they turn on the lights and kick us all out at 5:30 in the Morning.Fun Times!

Catch 22

Halloween night, I became Homeless. After driving around lost, running out of Gas twice, I finally found where I needed to be. My Truck is almost out of gas, After sitting here, the Battery is dead. The Salvation Army is in Bell Ringing Season, They need the spot. I have until Friday to move a Truck I can’t move, to a Spot I don’t have. If the Truck was not so full of my stuff. I would call the Car Dealer, tell him to come get it. I just don’t know what to do with the Stuff.

So sad!

After being in the Homeless shelter for a month, one thing has struck me and saddened me. There are so many Mentally ill People, People who clearly need Medication and Therapy. People not getting the help they need. Can’t Society do Better? Maybe if we sent less Aid to Arab Countries that hate us, we could help more of our own People that really need Help.

grateful for small things

I am staying at a Homeless Shelter in Minnesota. I have a light Jacket, and that is it. Last night a Woman came to the Shelter, giving away Knitted scarves and caps. I now have covering for my neck and ears, you won’t believe how these two simple things have improved my outlook. All I need now is an army Surplus Parka, then maybe I will survive this winter.

Life in a Homeless Shelter

as a result of circumstances and bad Decisions, I have been living at a Salvation Army Shelter in Minnesota, since Halloween.  It has been interesting to say the least.

The first thing I learned, and this is hard for me, is to not look at anyone, I was staring into space one evening, my mind a million miles away, when this Guy exploded, accusing me of staring at Him, I wasn’t staring or looking at anyone. I am by nature a curious Person, in a Homeless Shelter, being Curious will get you hurt or killed. I have learned to avoid eye contact, I keep my head down, I try my best to be invisible. I have also learned how to sleep in a Barracks like environment, the Bunks are close together, there is no escaping the Farts, body orders and bad dreams of the other Men sleeping near me.

The only positive I have found, I am getting all sorts of material for my Novel, I just hope I live long enough to get the book Finished.