Catch 22

Halloween night, I became Homeless. After driving around lost, running out of Gas twice, I finally found where I needed to be. My Truck is almost out of gas, After sitting here, the Battery is dead. The Salvation Army is in Bell Ringing Season, They need the spot. I have until Friday to move a Truck I can’t move, to a Spot I don’t have. If the Truck was not so full of my stuff. I would call the Car Dealer, tell him to come get it. I just don’t know what to do with the Stuff.


So sad!

After being in the Homeless shelter for a month, one thing has struck me and saddened me. There are so many Mentally ill People, People who clearly need Medication and Therapy. People not getting the help they need. Can’t Society do Better? Maybe if we sent less Aid to Arab Countries that hate us, we could help more of our own People that really need Help.

grateful for small things

I am staying at a Homeless Shelter in Minnesota. I have a light Jacket, and that is it. Last night a Woman came to the Shelter, giving away Knitted scarves and caps. I now have covering for my neck and ears, you won’t believe how these two simple things have improved my outlook. All I need now is an army Surplus Parka, then maybe I will survive this winter.

Life in a Homeless Shelter

as a result of circumstances and bad Decisions, I have been living at a Salvation Army Shelter in Minnesota, since Halloween.  It has been interesting to say the least.

The first thing I learned, and this is hard for me, is to not look at anyone, I was staring into space one evening, my mind a million miles away, when this Guy exploded, accusing me of staring at Him, I wasn’t staring or looking at anyone. I am by nature a curious Person, in a Homeless Shelter, being Curious will get you hurt or killed. I have learned to avoid eye contact, I keep my head down, I try my best to be invisible. I have also learned how to sleep in a Barracks like environment, the Bunks are close together, there is no escaping the Farts, body orders and bad dreams of the other Men sleeping near me.

The only positive I have found, I am getting all sorts of material for my Novel, I just hope I live long enough to get the book Finished.

An Update

The Stroke was months ago. I am driving and working again. I am only working part-time, this is not due to any effects of the stroke, it is due too no  hours available.  My uncle, A man who had my back for twenty years, passed away while I was recovering. I lost my job, found another  one. Hopefully, A full-time opening will turn up. About two months ago, I was driving home from work, I must have dozed off, I ran a stop sign, without realizing it, I was t-boned, my Jeep was wrapped around a light pole, light pole went through a window of a Business. I spent the night in the Hospital because the Paramedics thought I was having a Heart attack. I was not having a Heart attack. My Novel was going well, until I was struck by incurable writer’s Block. Somehow, I am hanging in there, me and my cats, I do get tired of the struggle though. Being an Adult can be fun and rewarding, but most of the time it sucks.


Dead Darlings!

I briefly worked as a Security Guard at a Transit Authority Bus Terminal. I saw some interesting and funny and sometimes horrible things. I have this dream of being a Writer. I started posting things I saw and my observations on my Facebook page via my I Phone. I built up a following of people who enjoyed my post. All these things  reawakened my dream of writing a Novel. I have been trying to work my noted and memories into an entertaining novel; I finally gave up. Maybe with a little more experience I will be able to write the book I want to write. As of now, I am a fledgling writer with no story to write. I need a Muse, or a better Imagination. I just don’t know where to go from here.


The Stroke.

Two weeks ago, I was getting ready to go to work, I worked as a Security Guard at an empty cigar Factory. I was putting on my socks and shoes when I got extremely Dizzy. The Nausea and Dizziness was so bad,I called off from work, I never call off. The Nausea and Vertigo were  so bad, I dry heaved and threw up all night. The next day, I went to a walk in clinic, The Blood pressure was so high, They called Paramedics to take me to the Hospital. I was in Hospital for a week. I have not been cleared to drive, I am supposed to use a Walker, I refuse to use it. It is extremely frustrating, As strokes go,this was a mild one. I just get tired easily, and I am Dizzy all the time.

The next step,is to get on Medicaid, I just want to get well enough to go back to work.

Looking for Story.

Until recently, I work as a Security Guard at a Transit Authority Bus Terminal. At the time, I thought there was rich material for a novel there, I was wrong. I would bring a notebook to work, taking notes on the madness and stupidity that I witnessed; I had  worked on this for over a year. If there was  a Story, I don’t yet have the experience or talent to make a Story out of it. I still have the need, Bordering on obsession to write something. I have a Nebulus idea that I’m working on,  If the past is any indication, it will be years before I get a first draft written. There is a lot to writing a Novel; right now, I am trying to figure out what themes I want to explore; And I’m trying to find a basic plot. I work the Midnight shift, I’m alone all night, I certainly have the time and solitude to get something done. It is just so hard.